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About Us

Kris Proule is a real estate developer, agent, and investor in the Greater Boston Area. As a graduate of Bryant University with a degree in Finance, he spent the first decade out of college in Finance and Consulting, focusing on financial modeling and forecasting.

From beginning to end, he can guide you through every step to a successful project.  Kris uses his financial modeling background to underwrite your project and development experience to break down exactly what needs to be done and costs associated.  He puts together your detailed budget and oversee the development process, providing in depth updates in a corporate manner.  Once property is fully stabilized or sold, you’ll receive a financial breakdown and key performance indicators. 

KP Capital clients range from successful developers to investors who understand the value of having a trusted advisor break down the numbers as well as get in the nitty gritty of development.  Projects range from single family to large scale multifamily, and renovations to ground up.  His role is to help save you time to focus on what you do best, reduce cost, and streamline your project process.  

Working With Us

KP Capital is well versed to support your real estate and business goals.  For nearly a decade, KP Capital founder Kris Proule focused on helping companies bottom line and improve their process efficiencies.  He lead many companies and their teams to success with his corporate training and development.  Contact us to hear how we can support your team and help grow your company.

Guide Your Investments

Using his finance and real estate skills, he helps new and experienced investors and real estate developers forecast the best deal for themselves and their clients. He guides them every step of the way to help reduce the chance of loss and increase their profit potential.

Add Value to Your Service

With his real estate license, he can analyze deals for investors and also represent them as their agent. He doesn’t limit himself to any opportunity and deals with his own properties, ground ups, and renovations.